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Our Advanced Practitioner has over 16 years experience in the Beauty industry, several years in Aesthetics, Fully qualified & Insured. Our priority is client safety & satisfaction, at your consultation ask all the questions you have , we will never proceed with any treatment until client has fully understood the process and is happy to proceed.

 Our Practitioner is fully complications trained and holds advanced first aid & anaphylaxis training qualifications. In line with NEW legal requirements the OFQUAL Level 7 in aesthetics, will be complete early part of 2024.

Aesthetic Treatments Offered

Should have any questions, please book a free Aesthetic consultation on main page, Our advance practitioner will answer all your queries.


Polynucleotides are the next generation of skin rejuvenation, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, helping with free radicals and offering a tightening & lifting to skin . Boosting collagen from a deep layer. 

Fully Qualified by Ofqual 

Our Aesthetics Practitioner is Fully qualified Level 5 which is the equivalent to a bachelors degree , she is nearly complete on gaining her Level 7 in Aesthetics which is the equivalent to a masters degree , the highest qualification in the aesthetics industry in the UK. 

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Anti wrinkle Injections , smoothing out those fine lines , and offering a more youthful appearance to Glabella region,  forehead  and eyes.


Benifits from Vitamin B12 , using hydroxocobalamin, Balances your metabolism, keeps your brain healthy, Boosts your energy , helps with moods, and prevents anemia.

BB Glow

Benefit from smoother skin, with a natural glow & contour, pore reduction and reduced circles around the eyes. This treatment offers fewer freckles and brighter radiant skin.

Biotin Injections

Sometimes known as vitamin H, helps cell growth, encouraging stronger hair, nails & fresh complexion . Results in 30 days. Great for Men & Women.

Chemical Peel

Offering a skin rejuvenation , reducing fine lines, and detoxing the skin, by removing the outer most layer. Last 2-6 months

Fat Dissolving 

Using Fat dissolving Injections reduces those stubborn pockets of fat, arms, legs, chin, back , stomach are all areas that can be treated. 

Dermal Fillers

hyaluronic acid , offers a plumping service to the desired areas, leaving the area hydrated , fuller , smoothing unwanted deeper lines.

Micro Needling 

Micro Needling , helps boost collagen, elastin production, offering a more youthful look , reducing scaring , skin pigmentation, and giving our clients a fresh appearance by introducing controlled trauma.

Skin boosters

Profhilo, Sunekos among other skin boosters, improve the texture, it helps increase firmness of the skin, boosting collagen , elastin to promote a healthier , softer looking skin. This can help the ageing process in the face, neck , decollate, hands & arms.

Vitamin D 

Improves bone, muscle and teeth strength , supporting the immune system , only twice yearly requirement.


Reduces fatigue , improves the overall look of the skin, lightening and brightening . Boosts immune system & energy levels.

Lumi Eyes

Lumi eyes , helps in the reduction or elimination of dark circles also known as blueing , wrinkles and tightens under the eyes. Offering brighter look .

More Treatments Available in salon 

We offer a wide range of treatments, including vitamin Injections, Skin Boosters, dermal Fillers , Anti Wrinkle injections & Mesotherapy's . Follow us on Facebook , Instagram for more image's of our work  Our Advanced Practitioner is Fully Qualified & Insured. Copies of these are present in Salon for client reassurance.