Choose the right Lash for you ... 

Cluster Lashes 

Cluster Lashes are ideal for a party night out or cheeky weekend away . These last 4-7 days, depending on aftercare. 

Hybrid / Russian 

Hybrid lashes, a lash designed personally for you! from light and wispy to fuller look. 

We also offer Russian lashes & Mega Volume, for mega volume these are hand made fans creating extra thickness & length . 

Please note mega volumes are not suitable for all clients, and we would not apply to lashes that cannot withstand this look.

Classic Lash

Classic Lashes , is a very natural enhancement simply one lash to one lash effect. 

all our lashes require 2 week maintenance and patch test prior to treatment. 


Our Teams work is showed below , for more of our work, please check us on out on facebook, Instagram we update our social media daily , if you have a desired look please get in touch with us and we will aim to achieve the results you require.


Nail Designs 

Some of our great nail art designs , looking for something different we will build designs around you,show us a picture and we can recreate, from something Natural to something bright and hoilday ready. 


From root Re Touch's to full colour and style, Colour correction and more, one of our stylist will help you achieve the look you desire. We cover all applications of hair extensions to suit all requirements , and hair up for those extra special days or nights.

Beauty & Lashes

From the natural look to something extreme or a simple cluster for the girls night out to the longer lasting lash, we have it all covered. Make up for all occassions , Spray Tans to show off those gorgeous figures and Mircoblading for those wanting a fuller natural looking brow. 


Beautiful Results from Our Team 

From colour and curls to Kids cuts and Gents cuts we cover it all , Pedicures , and Nail technician's that design round you. Some of our fantastic work . Why not give our team a try ? You wont be disappointed. All your hair, beauty & Aesthetics needs under one roof .

Aesthetic's & SPMU Gallery 

All our Aesthetics come with a free consultation with no obligation to proceed, we will only offer you our experience and not give you a treatment we don't believe you require. Our morals on age is strict because we want the best for our clients. Our work below is just a small look at somethings we can offer.

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Men are welcome for aesthetic proceedures , Results at 2 Week Top .

Smokers Lines / Dermal Fillers 

Using a fine filler to plump out the smokers lines, with great results .

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Smoothing out those frown lines and giving a younger appearance , we offer a free no obligation consulation . 

Fat Dissolving Injections

We do various areas of Fat Dissolving , it is fantastic for small pockets of stubborn fat, this is results after just one session . 

Mirco Blading 

Mirco blading offers a fuller look to brows that may have been over plucked or just never grown, with a natural result . 

Lip / Dermal Fillers

From a natural Tenting option to Fuller look , we have you covered on all aspects of fillers , including lips, cheeks, Smokers lines & more. a consultation is required prior to treatment. 

Advanced Aesthetics

Jawline / Chin Fillers

Enhancing the natural jawline to offer a more prominate look and sleek line with a slight lift. Chin Fillers also offering a lift to smooth out unwanted drooping.

Tear Trough / Cheek Filler 

Tear Trough filler lightening the look around the eyes , dark circles seem reduced , and area lifted. Cheek Fillers also offer a lifted more youthful appreance and hydrates the skin .

Liquid Rhinoplasty 

Liquid Rhinoplasty smoothing out those unwanted bumps in the nose. offering a smooth staright balanced result.

Aesthetics Continued ..

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Anti wrinkle injections, softer appearance and hydrated look , results at 2 week top up. 

Chin Fillers

Chin Filler , can straighten a jaw line , also enhancing the overall look of the lower face giving a smoother look.

Lip Fillers

0.5ml Lip Filler , you can have your lips enhanced but keeping the natural look. Not all clients prefer very prominent lips.  

Aesthetics Continued...

Lip Filler

Join the journey and do it gradually , this is not only safer it gives you the best results . 

Fat Dissolving 

Fat Dissolving , fantastic for small pockets of stubborn fat , areas vary in required sessions & aftercare . 

Areas that can be treated ...

inner thigh
Back of arms 
Under Bra Line 

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Years reversed... , fantastic results for our client , all our anti Wrinkle treatments come with a 2 week top up included in the price.


Mircoblading / Combi Brow 

Combi Brows, offer a much fuller look , with the gentle precision strokes to maintain a natural look . 

Lip Blush 

Natural Lip blush to more noticable available, this creates and restores shape, that may have been lost. 

Machine Brows

Machine brows, offer an ombre or powder brow , which is a full look to give clients a shape they may be missing , implanting pigment into the skin with ultra fine needles.

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